10 Template Blogspot For Seo

It is best to have a clean well coded, fast loading and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly template / theme for our Blogger (Blogspot) blog or site.All are you the first impression is your site or blog design style impression this will improve your bounce rate and more page views. There are many themes scattered over web but few of them are good because we need good traffic to our  blog or website and in this case we use only fast loading, well coded and SEO friendly themes. So I had found 10 Blogger templates which is good as per your need. In my think you all are like this because these are from top themes which you will get it free.

Below is the Top 10 Blogger Templates:

1. Dynamo Multimedia Blogger Template.

2. Androider Blogger Template.

Androider Blogger Template

3. Magzon Blogger Template.


4. Blue Blog Blogger Template.

Blue Blog Blogger Template

5. Maggner Magazine Blogger Template.


6. Professional Blogging Blogger Template.

Professional Blogging Blogger Template

7. BlogTube Professional Video Blogger Template.

BlogTube Professional Video Blogger Template

8. News Pro – Responsive Blogger Template.

News Pro - Responsive Blogger Template

9. Dynamic Mag Responsive Blogger Template.

Dynamic Mag Responsive Blogger Template

10. Geeks Gadget Blogger Template.

Geeks Gadget Blogger Template

I hope you all are like this templates / themes. If you had themes and wish to get one here contact me using contact page. We can also customize these as per your need just only you have to contact me. Integrate OGP tags on which theme / template you want to apply on your blog or site this will help to improve your social and search engine ranking. Please share this post so other can also know about these beautiful Blogspot themes. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook. Thanks! Keep visiting daily for more new tips and tricks.
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Rakesh Suthar
July 11, 2014 at 3:21 AM delete

Hi , Vũ Hà Kiều My

Can you help me in the blogging ?

I completely visited on your blog today on:

And i getted more about blogging

And then i thinkd you can help me .
My queery is : i want to an templete of www.helplogger.blogspot.com

If you help me then i friendship to you

Send me templete xml file on this email :


Good bye !

July 11, 2014 at 5:07 PM delete

You can download template this here: http://www.lovelytemplates.com/blogger-template/rocket

Rakesh Suthar
July 12, 2014 at 2:46 AM delete

Hi Vũ Hà Kiều My [Gomu Blogger]
i getted the templete of helplogger but its post Thumbnails Stylish is different from
So please give me helplogger's Post Thumbnails style for my blog
what should me ?

Please give me full process of this

I am waiting of your reply...
Good Luck !
I am sure you will help me.

Because you are a master bloggerer

Rakesh Suthar
July 12, 2014 at 2:51 AM delete

Please reply me at this email: alphauseblog@gmail.com

July 13, 2014 at 12:29 AM delete

I have to do is prepare graduates, I'm very busy. Sorry @RAKESH SUTHAR